Mission Statement

We are Oklahoma Lawyers. Our focus is defense of licensed professionals and their practices, including medical facilities and centers. MedicalDefense.Law is not just our brand, it is our practice. Representing all fields of medicine, Walters Stanley & Natarajan, LLP enjoys a reputation throughout Oklahoma as a firm with integrity, precision, confidence, civility, and most importantly, results. That reputation comes from decades of practicing law with respect for the process.

We demand as much from our clients as they demand from us. It is the mutual understanding that effective litigation, both in cost and results, requires dedication, precision, and work by everyone from the moment an issue arises. We take pride in keeping our clients informed about their case so thoughtful decisions can be made that protect their interests.

We understand at the end of the day our cases involve people and that this process can be difficult and pose personal challenges to our clients. We stand ready to counsel each client to preserve peace of mind. Protecting our clients’ interests extends beyond any given case. We strive to maintain a clear standard of civility and respect for our clients and the law. The reputation we build for ourselves and our clients lasts well beyond a lawsuit.